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Poll: #1 Reason for Job Offer Rejection

Most Reject Job Offers Over Compensation

We’ve recently discussed how to spot good and bad bosses during the interview process, so we were curious to hear your reasoning for the last job offer you rejected. We had a solid turnout of 9,121 votes this month!

The majority of voters (31%) said they rejected a job offer because the compensation was too low. Tied for second were “bad company reputation” and “not enough benefits” with 13% each. 11% rejected a job offer because there was no clear path for advancement. Another 11% spotted red flags in the potential future boss/supervisor. Only 1% turned an offer down because it was for a less desirable task or territory.

Here are the full results:

For the last job offer you refused, what was your #1 reason?

  • Too low compensation (31%, 2,861 Votes)
  • Bad company reputation (23%, 2,122 Votes)
  • Not enough benefits (23%, 2,121 Votes)
  • No advancement beyond that role (11%, 995 Votes)
  • Red flags for boss/supervisor (11%, 958 Votes)
  • Less desirable tasks, territory, etc. (1%, 64 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “The offer was below what I am currently compensated.”
  • “The HR department would not tell me the average health insurance cost per paycheck.  I had to turn the job down.”
  • “Let’s face it. Technician compensation has been stagnant for at least three decades now. Maybe $23/hr for a well-versed senior field engineer or technician was decent back in 1990, but in 2020 you are essentially making the same as if you had been getting paid $15/hr back then. If you are not receiving at the very minimum a 3% raise each year, then you are LOSING money. In other words, being paid less each year cumulatively. And make no mistake, the owners, investors, upper management, etc. are not taking the pay cut that you are. When I go in on interviews and ask for $30/hr plus benefits, it’s as though these people have a blind spot to reality.”
  • “Management showed too much focus on numbers – run for your life!!”
  • “Supervisor/manager was MIA and not responsive to employee’s requests that would increase overall production, moral and team effort. They were only concerned with the bottom line and not taking the human factor into account.”
  • “Last interview was a definite no for me. Boss talked about expectations of me and then proceeded to tell me he knew nothing about servicing the machines. First minute in and I was done!”
  • “Copier techs are not being replaced as they leave positions for other occupations due to poor management decisions and deletions of benefits and company benefits being jerked out from under their livelihood. Younger techs are not coming on board due to learning requirements and poor treatment by the people that benefit from their hard work and loyalty.”
  • “Managers want to hold techs responsible for the percentage of reschedules (for ordering parts) over the percentage of call backs. This is unreasonable as it is completely out of the tech’s control.”
  • “Companies are continually pushing you to do more with less, and the compensation stays extremely low for what they expect.”
  • “I still like who I work for.”

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