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The Top 5: Good Boss Behaviors

Tips from the trenches to keep your copier career on track

How to Spot a Good Boss

It can be hard enough to spot red flags in your job hunt but how do you recognize a really good boss when you meet one? Look for these hallmarks of a solid employer in your next interview!

  1. They run a smooth interview process. Whether you start from word of mouth, a job post, or through a recruiter; the process from the job description to interview(s) to offer letter should be well organized and executed. An employer who can keep appointments, has a solid understanding of the job requirements, and has realistic expectations shows that they can run their company/department/team in a similar fashion.
  2. They show respect to superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. A solid employer will demonstrate good judgement and emotional intelligence in their interactions with other employees. Note how they treat the front desk staff or their fellow interviewers. Pay attention to how they refer to their own superiors or company leadership. If they are professional and respectful, that bodes well for how they’ll treat you!
  3. They ask good questions. You can tell a lot about them by what questions they ask. Their questions should invite you to demonstrate your job-related knowledge and skills. Employer’s questions should show their strong understanding of the unique challenges of the position. Their questions should also touch on your personality, ability to work with a team, and how you’ll fit within their company culture. And all of these questions should absolutely be legal, professional, and appropriate.
  4. They offer a path for advancement. A good boss will highlight professional development and advancement opportunities. This is because they aren’t just interviewing you to fill the current open role, they also see you as a professional capable of growth. Smart employers know that once top employees master their roles, they’ll be looking to expand their skills, take on more responsibility, and earn more. They also recognize that these qualities are not an expense but an investment with huge potential. And it goes without saying that high-achieving employees who aren’t offered these options will find another company that will.
  5. They offer reasonable compensation. A good boss will acknowledge the value your skills and experience would offer their company. If they want you (especially in this tight job market), they will give you a competitive offer. Moreover, they should be able to answer questions about future raises – do they have minimum raises to keep up with inflation, do they compensate for tenure, do they incentivize professional development, etc.?

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