May 2022

May 2022

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The Top 5: Candidate Dos and Don’ts
News From Ricoh
Sound Off: What’s Your Company’s Biggest 2022 Concern?
Have you ever ghosted someone during the interview process?


The Top 5: Candidate Dos and Don’ts

We’re currently in a candidate’s job market which means some power has shifted to the other side of the interview table. This is a first for many candidates, especially those in technical roles. While this market can bring exciting opportunities, it’s important to remember these candidate dos and don’ts:

  1. DO your research. You have more attractive options now than ever before so researching the companies before interviewing will help you narrow the field and avoid potential pitfalls. If you’re working with our recruiters, ask them plenty of questions and tell them what you’re looking for – they want to find you a company for the long-haul. You’ll also find that employers will really respond to you if you’re interested and excited about their business. The industry is evolving rapidly and employers are looking for change-makers to help them grow!
  2. DON’T ghost. Please, please, please don’t disappear on your recruiter or interviewer! We most commonly see candidates ghost because they don’t want to say “no.” Trust us – “no” is not a big deal. A “no” to your recruiter just gives them a better idea of what opportunities you’ll say “yes” to in the future. And a “no” to a prospective employer – especially in this market – could lead to a better offer! Ghosting during the interview process means burning a bridge with that company and with the recruiter who’s trying to help you. Who will want to interview you if they can’t trust you to show up? While saying “no” might be scarier for some, ghosting brings a lot more risks.
  3. DO talk about what you want. We’re in a very unique time and it won’t last forever. This is an opportunity for industry professionals looking for a change to get some of what they want. Employers need employees and many of them are making big changes to be more attractive to candidates. If there’s something you want, something that would keep you loyal to the company that provided it – speak up! This is also where your company research comes in – it’ll help you keep your asks reasonable (no ponies). Talk about your ideas and how they could fit with the company’s stated goals. Employers are looking for incentives to get candidates to buy-in so your ideas could be valuable to them.
  4. DON’T take counter offers. We can’t emphasize this enough – most candidates who accept counter offers with their current employers call us looking for a way out within the first year. And, unfortunately, most employers are hesitant to talk to you again if you back out after accepting their first job offer. If money is the only reason you wanted to leave, then taking a counter offer might work out but you’ll likely find it harder to get raises over the next few years. If you had other complaints, throwing money at you won’t resolve them. You’ll come in on Monday to the same career path, company culture, benefits package, inflexible hours and anything else that left you dissatisfied. What’s more – you may have a target on your back if your manager thinks your job hunting was ‘disloyal.’ We’ve seen this happen dozens and dozens of times – counter offers are not long-term solutions and they often limit your future options. Beware!
  5. DO maintain your professionalism throughout the process – AKA watch your tone(r). If you’ll excuse that terrible pun, let’s talk seriously for a minute. It’s likely that most candidates have never had this much leverage in the interview process before. While it’s tempting to let that power go to your head, we want to caution candidates against being reckless. Remember that you are interviewing to work for and/or with these people. No employer, no matter how desperate, will hire someone they couldn’t tolerate working with or who would cause problems for their existing team. Nor will they be willing to interview you in future. Remember that part of the interview process involves assessing your judgment. If you come in with a poisonous attitude, full of stories about old jobs that did you wrong, you’re demonstrating poor judgment. If you try to take out your frustrations on someone you just met, that’s poor judgment. If you make demands way beyond the reasonable – you guessed it – that’s poor judgment. Demonstrating your professionalism from the start tells them they can count on you to do the same day-to-day. Keeping this discipline will serve you far better in the long-run.

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News From Ricoh

Nikkei reported at the end of April that Ricoh is acquiring the scanner manufacturer, PFU, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, for $625 million. The deal is expected to be sealed by the end of the month and may broker future collaborations between the two companies.

According to Nikkei, “Ricoh is trying to transform itself from a manufacturer of office equipment into a digital services company. The purchase of PFU will help it create a service that automates data entry of application forms for banks and other institutions, linking it to Ricoh’s cloud to make various operations more efficient.”

Sound Off

Last month we discussed how to attract employees in a competitive job market so we were curious to hear what you thought was your company’s biggest 2022 concern. We had a solid turnout of 14,837 votes this month!

Consistent with what we’ve observed, the number one 2022 concern for businesses is currently finding employees, taking 56% of the vote. After that is the major disruption caused by supply chain issues with 28% of the vote. 12% of you were just focused on making it through the day-to-day. The remaining votes were split between expanding your customer base (2%), expanding products and services (1%), establishing your succession plan (1%) and negotiating a buyout or merger (1%).


What is your company's biggest concern right now?

  • Finding employees (56%, 8,247 Votes)
  • Supply chain issues (28%, 4,135 Votes)
  • Just getting though today (12%, 1,768 Votes)
  • Expanding your customer base (2%, 306 Votes)
  • Expanding products and services (1%, 179 Votes)
  • Establishing your succession plan (1%, 103 Votes)
  • Negotiating buyout or merger (1%, 99 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Can’t find employees if you’re not going to pay well especially to use your own car.”
  • “We spent all last year trying to promise the companies we sold our products to that they would be getting them soon. Supply chain issues are drying up revenue, sales can’t sell, techs can’t install, and we’re stuck trying to make up for that lost revenue.”
  • “The supply chain issues are wreaking havoc on our cash flow.  We’ve had machines that were ordered last December that we’re still waiting on.  We’re trying to get creative funding partial leases. You can forget trying to take over a customer because we have no idea when new equipment will be coming in. Our back order is about 8x the normal number!”
  • “Finding sales people who want to hunt.”

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Newsletter May 2022 Poll

Have you ever ghosted someone during the interview process?

  • Candidate - No, I tell them I'm not interested and thank them for their consideration (36%, 6,817 Votes)
  • Employer - No, I reject them but thank them for their time (24%, 4,672 Votes)
  • Employer - Yes, I don't contact every candidate I reject (23%, 4,325 Votes)
  • No, but I've been ghosted (10%, 1,897 Votes)
  • Candidate - Yes, if they make a bad offer or I find a better opportunity (8%, 1,456 Votes)
  • Yes, everyone ghosts (0%, 24 Votes)
  • What's ghosting? (0%, 7 Votes)
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