January 2024

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2024 Resolutions for Employers

A priority list for the Copier and Office Solutions ChannelSM

In Indeed’s 2024 US Jobs & Hiring Trends Report, they predicted key factors for a healthy job market in 2024. Hiring demands need to stay strong, a fresh supply of workers needs to enter the workforce, employees still need to be willing to quit, and wage growth needs to slow while staying above inflation. Here’s what Copier Careers wants to see from industry employers this year:

Hiring managers and decision makers have to get their act together

We get it – hiring managers have an impossible job right now, even when they’re doing everything right. But many are making their work so much harder for themselves. So listen up!

Our industry has been at zero unemployment for years and it will get worse before it gets better (see below). Companies who want to grow need to understand that they will not have their pick of candidates and that their searches can take a long time. Hiring managers have to be proactive, organized and communicative. They have to know the difference between what they want and what they need. They have to be informed and realistic about compensation rates.

To do this, hiring managers need to be empowered and supported by their company so they can focus on hiring. In this environment, it takes preparation, dedication and luck to hire. Companies cannot keep relying on luck alone.

Employers need to make changes or employees will make a change for themselves

We talk to candidates all day long and you know what they have in common? They’re employed and they’re unhappy.

Yes, there’s some sample bias at play here – unhappy employees are more likely to reach out to us. But we also proactively reach out to our contacts, we check in with them regularly. These employees are unhappy too. Some of them are so unhappy they plan to leave their job, leave the industry or even leave the workforce altogether.

The top complaints? Compensation, company culture, manager problems, territory issues, compensation, supply chain delays, burnout, changed commission or bonus structures and did we mention compensation? Unless employers make changes (and soon), employee turnover is primed to stay high and go higher.

Companies must attract and train new talent

For years employers have wanted candidates already trained and ready to go from day one. This worked for a time, especially following the 2008 crash when unemployment was so high. The problem is this was never a sustainable, long-term practice. Without the investment in a future skilled workforce, there are very few new employees who can currently replace retiring Boomers.

Without an existing vein of candidates to mine, employers must shift strategies. They have to start cultivating and growing the next generation. Unfortunately, because this wasn’t done a decade ago, they will have to train much of the new generation on the job.

In the meantime employers also have to find crossover skills from other industries and entice those employees to them. These professionals will still require ramp up time but at least employers won’t be starting from scratch.

As a bonus, the work required to attract young and crossover candidates will also benefit your existing employees, reducing turnover (see above).

Employers, we know you have your work cut out for you. But the time to make these changes was last decade, last year or even just yesterday. Do yourselves a favor and prioritize these changes on your resolution list this year.

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Featured Comments:

  • “I’ve had a couple of jobs where I was sent something like that, but it was corporate level documentation. 6 months after I started, they also hired the guy I had been interviewing against as my coworker. So I made a checklist of job specific things he would need setup. Software, website access, where to find things, etc. The stuff I only found out about one at a time as needs came up. My manager seemed to appreciate it and asked for it again a year or two later when they added to the team.”
  • “I’ve received a good onboarding packet only once. It really eased some of the new job jitters knowing what would be happening once I started, and what I could expect while I waited for my start date to arrive, helpful things like who would contact me and when, what to do, where to park, dress codes. I felt really prepared to put my best foot forward day one, because the company had already done so.”
  • “I received documentation about the previous year open enrollment, payroll schedule, handbook and other documents I needed to fill out. All of it was definitely helpful.”
  • “My onboarding was fantastic. They said when I should show up and where I should go. I felt very welcomed and knew exactly what was expected for my first week.”
  • “Important to lay out the groundwork and responsibility to be able to hit the floor running!!”


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