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The Top 5: Reasons to Hire Managed IT Professionals Right Now

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Managed IT Pros Are Key to Growth

Want to guess who our recruiters are searching for the most this year? Managed IT professionals by a landslide and it’s easy to see why:

  1. Increased demand. The Copier Channel has always been evolving to provide increasing sophisticated solutions. The past few years in particular have called for more managed IT services. This has only accelerated since COVID forced businesses to set up remote offices on the fly. While some things may return to normal after the pandemic, the scramble to keep businesses running won’t be forgotten any time soon. Your clients need solutions in place to keep operations running in the worst circumstances. If you don’t provide them, they’ll be looking for vendors who will.
  2. Adapt or die. We’ve been talking about the need to add managed services for years now. Box pushing companies are realizing that their window to evolve is rapidly closing. These businesses have to hustle to update their sales, service and management personnel to offer IT solutions. Now is a tricky time to expand so many departments at once but in this volatile environment, it’s sink or swim. These employers might look a bit risky but they also offer exciting opportunities for candidates looking to build their own program.
  3. Moving in-house. When the initial IT demand began, many companies chose to use third-party vendors. But we’re increasingly hearing about companies opting to cut costs and increase control of their IT services by providing them in-house. These businesses are looking to augment their existing break/fix service department with MNS technicians and IT-savvy managers. These employers offer opportunities to ambitious candidates looking for seniority.
  4. Strengthening existing bench. Companies who are already positioned to sell and provide managed IT services are recognizing the opportunity to expand while others are stuck playing catch-up. They are also aware of the competition they face from dedicated IT companies and are looking to innovate. These employers are the most attractive to candidates who are looking for a company with a future.
  5. Candidates are scarce. No matter what type of company they’re at, anyone currently looking for qualified managed IT professionals knows how hard they are to find right now. We’ve been sounding the alarm on the increasing candidate shortage for years. If you know you’ll need to make a hire soon, you need to be looking right now. Even if you’re not, long-time readers know how much we advocate for proactive recruitment. If the right candidate comes along, employers should be prepared to hire them now. Because you never know how long you’ll have to wait for the next one to come along.

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