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Recruiters’ 2022 Advice for Candidates & Employers

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2022 Advice for the 2022 Market

Our 2022 Mid-Year Update is out! We had a Q&A session with our recruiters about what they’ve seen in the job market and hiring process over the past six months. You can read the full story here or keep reading below for their 2022 advice for candidates and employers.

2022 Advice for Candidates

  • Communicate openly with employers and your recruiter. We’re looking to get you in a position you’ll be happy in for years to come.
  • Stay positive and ask questions. Never forget that you are interviewing them while they’re interviewing you.
  • Self-evaluate to know what you want and what you want to do. Ask yourself if you are serious and if you can commit to moving forward.
  • Be open to having a discussion with an employer, because you won’t know if you can get what you want until you ask them.
  • Wield your power carefully. Don’t forget that you are interviewing to work for these clients, so don’t get cocky and blow a great opportunity.
  • Don’t accept counteroffers. Remember why you wanted to leave in the first place.

PRO TIP: During this process, you need to stay in communication — answer your phone, respond to texts, send an email. Our recruiters all say that the world will not end if candidates ask for what they want or if they tell an employer “no.”

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2022 Advice for Employers

  • Prioritize your communication and timing. You don’t hold all the cards in this market, and you can’t keep people in the dark or leave them hanging.
  • Be open. Don’t write off candidates based purely on their resume. It’s always worth talking with a candidate on the phone.
  • Talk to candidates as soon as you have them in front of you. Timing is essential, so you need to talk to candidates ASAP.
  • Be prepared and ready to make decisions quickly.
  • Be flexible. It is to your benefit, especially in training new hires.

Our recruiters all agree that it costs you more for a seat to be empty than it does for you to fill it. Remember it is unlikely that we will return to a pre-pandemic hiring landscape. There is no “normal” in 2022. Accept that it is where we are now. In our recent experience, we find that clients who recognize that we are operating in a strange new world are doing better at hiring and retaining.

PRO TIP: You don’t have a lot of choices in this market, so you need to do the leg work. You can’t just turn the rare candidate down on a whim or technicality. If you’re on the fence, talk to the candidate or someone else will.

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