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Poll: Who Is Your Company Currently Hiring?

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Most Are Currently Hiring Sales Reps

Last month we discussed reasons to hire managed IT professionals in all departments right now. So we were curious to hear what specific positions your company is currently hiring. We had a solid turnout of 16,633 votes this month!

Most respondents said their company was currently hiring sales representatives, taking 62% of the vote. Service technicians were the second most sought after candidates with 31% of the vote. This tracks with what we’re seeing in the current job market. Companies are looking to boost their sales more aggressively while more cautiously building their service department bench to support their products. Sales rep positions also generally have the highest turnover so they are the position that most often needs to be filled.

Next we had service and operations managers (6%) and sales managers (1%). There are a few factors that we’re seeing at play for open management positions right now.  As we discussed in 2020, some managers opted to retire earlier than planned to make way for new leadership to handle the global disruption. So some companies are still looking to fill those gaps. Other companies found their managers were too inflexible and unable to pivot and evolve during the crisis – those companies are looking new leaders to help them grow in exciting new directions.  But companies aren’t just looking to replace managers, many are expanding their departments, especially to offer more managed IT services.

Lastly we had office support professionals and executives taking less than 1% of the vote, each. These have always been the least common job openings in our experience. As we see more offices reopen and increased sales and service calls, there will likely be a bump in these positions as well.

Here are the full results:

Who is your company currently looking to hire? (check all that apply)

  • Sales Representative(s) (62%, 10,265 Votes)
  • Service Technician(s) (31%, 5,113 Votes)
  • Service & Operations Manager(s) (6%, 947 Votes)
  • Sales Manager(s) (1%, 198 Votes)
  • Office Support Professional(s) (0%, 56 Votes)
  • Executive(s) (0%, 54 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “With the reduction in overall pages and call volume we have had to reduce our number of technicians. What we need most are sales reps and leaders who understand the move to offer services beyond ‘just copiers.’”
  • “Our company just laid off a bunch of folks on furlough! We are not hiring any general people, only sales reps and a few open warehouse positions.”
  • “Right now we’re looking to bolster sales but as things pick up, we’ll need new techs – especially techs with network experience.”
  • “I worked for an OEM but was laid off with 10% of the entire workforce. I can see they are still looking for salespeople in some markets but they aren’t looking to fill the holes from shrinkage. Why would a sales rep sign on when their business is in decline and their digital sales are sluggish, at best? Ah well, back to my own job hunt… Stay safe and don’t get complacent! It’s still out there!”
  • “Sales, Sales, SALES!! We are always looking for the next blockbuster!”

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