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2023 Hiring Goal Focuses on Techs & Reps

Last month we discussed recruiting resolutions for the new year. This month we published our 2022 Year-End Q&A where our recruiters discussed the state of recruiting in the business solutions industry. So we were curious to hear what your company was focusing on for their 2023 hiring goal. We had a solid turnout of 15,849 votes this month!

Your top 2023 hiring goals were for techs (43%) and sales reps (42%). This squares as these are the most numerous positions in the industry. Needs for both are closely balanced although, anecdotally, fully qualified technicians currently are much harder to find. Next came office support staff (9%) followed by managers (3%) and executives (3%).

Here are the full results:

What is your company’s top 2023 hiring goal?

  • Techs (43%, 6,792 Votes)
  • Sales Reps (42%, 6,620 Votes)
  • Office Support Staff (9%, 1,393 Votes)
  • Managers (3%, 522 Votes)
  • Executives (3%, 522 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Techs are probably our highest priority, though what’s not listed is Quality Hires are our top priority. Need people to stay longer than a year if we’re going to devote so many resources to training them in.”
  • “Isn’t sales always the goal and the other areas just need to keep up?”
  • “Techs are aging out. It may seemlike an easy job but it’s repetitive and over time that breaks down body parts. An old tech will tell a new one, “Watch your weight and stay active.” It’s easy to drive and fix over and over but not get a full workout – with all the wind shield time it ages your body fast. If you don’t watch yourself and keep up on your skills and body, you will end up outdated and set-in-time for only older copiers with a limited marketability.Best thing to do is do paid internships, if you can, with a full scout training from IT to Service Calls to the Parts run.The mean age of copier service is Male and over 40 – more toward retirement. We will need to replace 60% of the labor force in the next decade. This takes time to build a tech as they’re not easy to come by. I would encourage companies to not to put all focus on male replacements as there are very good female techs just as good as men.”
  • “We are stable and staffed for our admin and service teams. Sales reps are always an ongoing thing. Either we open a new area and need someone or someone is asked or chooses to leave and we need a replacement.”
  • “Companies can care less about techs. They claim the company has been doing great but give no bonuses for service team.”

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