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Poll: What Is Your #1 2021 Goal?

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Top 2021 Goal Is to Get Vaccinated

Last month we looked back on 2020, so this month we wanted to look forward. We were curious to hear what your top 2021 goals might be. We had a solid turnout of 12,531 votes this month!

The overwhelming answer was to get vaccinated this year, taking 64% of the vote. After that 23% said they wanted to get a new certification or skill. 6% are working to find a job, while another 4% hope to retire. 2% are gunning for a promotion this year while 1% are looking to change their job entirely. And the remaining 12 votes came from folks who want to become their own boss.

Here are the full results:

What is your #1 2021 goal?

  • Get vaccinated (64%, 8,037 Votes)
  • Get a new certification/skill (23%, 2,905 Votes)
  • Find a job (6%, 710 Votes)
  • Retire (4%, 522 Votes)
  • Get that promotion (2%, 201 Votes)
  • Change my job (1%, 142 Votes)
  • Become my own boss (0%, 14 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Keep expanding your offering, and educate yourself.  Widen or specify your abilities and make yourself marketable to your employer, another, or yourself. You got this!!!”
  • “As we move into the era of solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, our thoughts and motivations turn to becoming a single-minded society/workforce that agrees to put forth effort to end this disruption. Progress toward certainty that person-to-person interaction is as fully protected as possible from further infections is the responsibility of us all as we move in the direction of an informed response to safety, immunization, and healing.”
  • “I’m pretty focused on my GameStop stock, to be honest.”
  • “Furloughed from an OEM from May to August, laid off first week of November, with a whopping 2 weeks severance, 2 months now unemployed, expanded my skill set, trying to switch industries, applied to 40+ jobs on 5 job engines, no calls with a professionally reviewed resume’ and jobs everywhere from below and above my skill set, set my minimum pay to 1/3 below what I was making and still nothing.”
  • “We’ve been working hard during the COVID period to improve our systems and catch up old projects. I’m looking forward to things running much more smoothly when we’re back to full staff.”

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