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Copier Careers® Publishes 2022 Year-End Recruiter Q&A

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Copier Careers® Publishes 2022 Year-End Recruiter Q&A

The Copier Careers 2022 Year-End Recruiter Q&A is now freely available. Since the upheaval in 2020, Copier Careers has published insights and analysis of the highly volatile job market for the industry. For Q3-Q4 of 2022, we interviewed our recruiters about the state of recruiting in the industry – from the challenges to the opportunities.

Publication Highlights:

  • The surging economy has been great for the Copier Channel, but it comes with a huge downside — an extreme shortage of well-qualified candidates to fill positions across the industry.
  • Over the course of 2022, our recruiters have seen many clients move from reactive hiring — working frantically to fill immediate needs — during the first half of the year to relaxing a bit and focusing on proactive hiring in the last half of the year.
  • In early 2022, our recruiters saw the need to fill more employment gaps, but as supply chains improved, we saw more new positions open as employers began to plan for future growth.
  • Our recruiters describe the increasing compensation across the industry as “incredible.” As employers scrambled to fill vacancies, they found compensation as the best way to attract talent.
  • In a competitive industry, a drawn-out hiring process, low-ball offers and inadequate benefits can make good candidates walk away.
  • Employers are looking for loyalty and stability. Hiring managers will fight to get employees with those traits.
  • In a market long on job openings and short on candidates, the temptation for some candidates seeking a new position is to leverage a counteroffer from their current employer. But our recruiters say that can be a terrible career move and is highly likely to backfire.
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Meet our panel of experts

Jessica Crowley

Jessica Crowley is the senior vice president and regional recruiter for the Northeast. She has been proactively recruiting with Copier Careers for more than a decade and celebrated her 500th placement this year. Jessica received the Copier Careers Recruiting Excellence® Award for her outstanding work in 2021.

Jean Gothberg

Jean Gothberg is the regional recruiter for the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Jean joined Copier Careers last year with previous recruiting experience for office support staff and hospitality leadership. With a can-do attitude and vigorous work-ethic, Jean is excited to help her clients grow.

Jenna Humbert

Jenna Humbert is in her third year as the regional recruiter for the Midwest, Southeast and Texas. Jenna received the Copier Careers Recruiting Excellence® Award for her outstanding work in 2021 and 2022.

David Lind, SFC USA Retired

David Lind, SFC USA Retired, is the director of recruiting and regional recruiter for the Southeast. He joined Copier Careers in October of 2021. Dave came to us with over 20 years of leadership, training, management and recruiting experience and hit the ground running with our Adaptive Retainer Recruiting® model. Dave was recognized several times for his exemplary recruiting in 2022.

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