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Copier Careers® Publishes 2021 Year-End Update

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Copier Careers® Publishes 2021 Year-End Update

As we start 2022, Copier Careers offers an update on the industry’s successes and challenges in 2021. This latest Copier Careers publication, 2021: Year-End Update, is now freely available to industry professionals.

As we’ve been saying for years, the business solutions industry was essentially at zero unemployment well before COVID. Now the effects of the pandemic have only served to exacerbate this candidate shortage. Not only are there far more open jobs than available candidates but other industries are actively poaching our more experienced professionals. If industry leaders don’t execute plans to bring in and train new talent today, there won’t be anyone to fill empty roles tomorrow.

What Can Industry Leaders Do?

Once employers recognize the problem, how can they overcome it? Copier Careers president, Paul Schwartz, and Senior Vice President, Jessica Crowley, say industry leaders need to make some short and long-term changes:

  • Reassess their employee salaries, benefits and other perks. Independent dealers are now directly competing with dedicated IT service providers along with other industries and need to adjust their compensation to match. “The amount of opportunity that candidates have right now is truly unbelievable,” Crowley says. “Everyone is looking to make a change for the better, they won’t continue to tolerate stagnant wages.”
  • Be proactive about their hiring/growth needs. Because there may not be a good candidate available when they really need one. While the industry is known for doing more with less, you simply can’t do more with nothing.
  • Speed up their hiring process. If you snooze, you lose. “I talked to a sales rep last week and submitted her as a candidate to six companies,” Crowley recalls. “I literally had a response from a client in less than a minute.”
  • Hire practical over perfect. If a candidate has most of the experience you need and shows a willingness to learn, take them! You can bring them up to speed on the rest. “You have to reimagine positions and seize opportunities,” Schwartz exhorts. Doing so not only fills a gap but tells your new employee that they can learn and grow with your company.
  • Invest in new, trainable employees. The pipeline of trainees and qualified candidates to the business solutions industry 2021 is nearly dry. “Do the math. You have to find a way to bring new people into the industry,” Schwartz says. “This is the next great thing that has to change in the channel.”

Bottom line: Now is the time to make your own opportunities. We’ve seen the employers who’ve sped up their hiring successfully snap up candidates. Companies who invest in their employees not only avoid losing invaluable staff, they also attract the industry’s best and brightest. For those few positioned to face these challenges, another company’s pain is their gain.

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