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Copier Careers® Publishes 2021 Mid-Year Update

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Copier Careers® Publishes 2021 Mid-Year Update

As we pass the halfway mark for 2021, Copier Careers offers an update on the industry’s recovery and resurgence since 2020. This latest Copier Careers publication, 2021: Mid-Year Update, is now freely available to industry professionals.

The first half of 2021 was marked by a rapid shift from the shutdown to opening up. “It’s not just a recovery, it’s a resurgence,” according to Paul Schwartz, president of Copier Careers. “Employers who are still in shutdown mode need to wake up to this new reality. We’ve never seen a shift from layoffs to hiring happen so quickly — it’s been a huge whiplash.”

The Copier Careers update discusses the reality of this whiplash. The opportunities for growth are massive but they are currently bottlenecked by the severe candidate shortage. Industry employers have to overhaul and streamline their hiring process just to compete. But the solution to ending this shortage lies with innovative employers who will commit to attracting and training the next generation of professionals through apprenticeship and certification programs.

Read more in our 2021 Mid-Year Update

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