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Copier Careers® Publishes 2020 Retrospective

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 3rd, 2021
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Copier Careers® Publishes 2020 Retrospective

As we begin a new year, Copier Careers takes a moment to reflect on 2020. This latest Copier Careers publication, 2020: A Retrospective, is now freely available to industry professionals.

Since the global disruption began, our team has been keeping in touch with candidates, employers and industry experts. We’ve observed how Copier Channel professionals and the Business Solutions Industry as a whole have been affected over the course of the pandemic.

It has been indisputably difficult for everyone but – as we’ve seen before – the Copier Channel is remarkably well-suited to weather upheavals. We’ve seen the industry pivot, adapt, and even accelerate their growth in the midst of this disruption. And the changes are only going to continue as the business landscape evolves.

“If the last 15 years show us anything, it is that this industry is here to stay and it can handle just about anything that comes its way,” said Paul Schwartz, president of Copier Careers. “We’re going to see some companies that are leaner and a little meaner, and we are going to see some companies that are taking advantage of this situation, because it does present some unique advantages — and they are going to grow.”

“The industry needs game-changers in order to adapt and evolve, especially people to build the IT division of their organization,” continued Jessica Crowley, senior vice president of Copier Careers. “That’s where we see the greatest need to improve.”

Read more in our 2020 Retrospective

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