May 2024

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Know Your Enemy: Hiring Complacency

Copier Careers® Insights℠ With The Cannata Report®

Continuing our collaboration with The Cannata Report, our team discussed the growing return of employer complacency in the hiring process. They offer insights into the causes of this recent trend, personal anecdotes and discuss the lasting consequences to your average Workplace Technology ProviderSM.

Below are some of our quotes. Be sure to read the full article at The Cannata Report!

  • “The need for people has not changed, and the request for people has not changed because we’re being told all the time we want to find these people. But the urgency has gone out of it in the last six to eight months.”
  • “It’s hard for us to keep candidates engaged and warm if the client’s not trying to keep them engaged and warm. We can only talk to candidates so much and tell them, ‘yes, they like you,’ without any engagement from the client. When they don’t follow up or follow through, or that resume sits in their inbox for a week, that’s sending an indication to the candidate that either they’re not serious about them, they don’t care, or that’s how they’re going to behave once they come on board.”
  • “It absolutely blows our minds that they don’t immediately respond based on the metrics of these individuals. This is a revenue stream for them. I don’t know any dealer who doesn’t want another really good sales rep or can’t make room for another sales rep who will produce revenue. And then they look at the resume and say, ‘I will think about it.’”
  • “We understand that interviewing and the process is not fun, but at the end of the day, you’re not going to maintain or grow your business if you don’t engage in this process. It’s the only way to do it. The biggest variable they have in their organization is their people.”
  • “One of the questions we always ask our clients is, ‘how are you going to feel if that great tech or that great sales or service manager, or that rockstar sales rep ends up at your competitor down the block?’ That should be the moment of truth for them.”

Visit The Cannata Report for the full article!

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Featured Comments:

  • “I moved during the pandemic, I had close to thirty years in the industry, companies that I interviewed offered me a starting salary that was not much better than entry level in the industry. These were not mom-and-pop dealerships either, after a couple of these offers, I decided to retire at the age of 62. The bottom line: companies in this industry don’t value their customer service/technical support people, and quality has suffered.”
  • “Sometimes it’s a great way to advance your career. Especially for leaders.”
  • “The company I worked for moved my family and I from SoCal to NorCal. Yes, they paid for the move.”
  • “While I have moved to South America to work and travelled great distances from the US for business, nothing beats a walking territory in your hometown.”

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