December 2022

December 2022

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The Top 5: 2023 Recruiting Resolutions
Job Market News
Sound Off: Do you ‘trust your gut?’
Monthly Poll: What’s your company’s top 2023 hiring goal?


The Top 5: 2023 Recruiting Resolutions

Hiring in 2022 has been a challenge. Any employer serious about growing next year should add these recruiting resolutions to their list. Moreover, any job seekers should keep an eye out for these resolutions in action – they are hallmarks of proactive, growing and leading-edge employers.

  1. Streamline your hiring process. We won’t stop emphasizing the importance of speed and efficiency when hiring until everyone starts listening. If you don’t respond to applications within 24 hours, if you don’t get your interviews scheduled within a week, if you can’t make a decision in three interviews or less; your hiring process is too slow! If you can’t commit to fast, clear and decisive communication when hiring, you will lose the best candidates to your competition.
    Job Seekers: If an employer is organized, efficient and decisive during the interview process, that’s a promising sign!
  2. Be proactive. You have to manage your workforce like a supply chain. If you aren’t proactively building your backbench or making opportunistic hires, normal employee attrition will leave your short-staffed. This reduces efficiency, increases burnout for your remaining employees and bottlenecks your overall growth. You should be prepared to jump on a high-value candidate!
    Job Seekers: An employer who adds a role just for you clearly sees your value and has a solid-growth mindset!
  3. Get competitive. Stop wasting your time trying to find someone to work for 2008 wages – the only candidates desperate enough to accept are the ones without other options. The most desirable candidates with the expertise you need are fielding multiple offers. If you want to compete, you have to get competitive! That means bringing up your compensation and benefits. We see a significant improvement in candidate interest and hiring rates when employers improve compensation.
    Job Seekers: An employer with competitive compensation shows they are well-researched, serious about hiring and know the value that this role brings to their organization!
  4. Commit to employee retention. If you’re hiring, you know how hard it is to find a replacement. So give your existing employees plenty of reasons to stay! That means competitive compensation for everyone, promotion paths, training and certification options, a healthy company culture and efforts to show appreciation. Every employer says they want loyal employees but loyalty isn’t a one-way street and it certainly isn’t free!
    Job Seekers: An employer who offers additional training or has a history of promoting from within shows that they see their employees not as an expense but as an investment!
  5. Be flexible. The business solutions industry is still at essentially zero unemployment. Even in big markets, the right skills are hard to find and if you’re in a smaller market, there simply may not be fully qualified candidates in your area. Make provisions to offer relocation packages to candidates willing to move. Be willing to talk to candidates from other industries with transferrable skills. Create entry-level positions and actively recruit young adults who are willing to learn.
    Job Seekers: An employer training new employees shows they have existing experts to do the training, a future-focus and flexible problem solving skills!

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Job Market News

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Employment Situation Summary on December 2nd. Despite expectation, the labor market is showing no signs of slowing.

Overall, there was very little change in labor participation. Unemployment rates were unchanged this month at 3.7%. In fact, this rate has only fluctuated between 3.5-3.7% since March 2022.

While the labor pool of unemployed candidates remained historically low, payroll employment increased by 263,000. Early estimates predicted a continued cooling of the labor market with the payroll only increasing around 200,000.

CNBC reports the “Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as much as 350 points after the report on worries the hot jobs data could make the Fed even more aggressive. However, stocks shaved most of their losses as the trading session neared its close.”

Continuing, “job gains had been running strong this year if a bit lower than the rapid pace of 2021. On monthly basis, payrolls have been up an average of 392,000 against 562,000 for 2021. Demand for labor continues to outstrip supply, with about 1.7 positions open for every available worker.”

Sound Off

Last month we discussed how much you can learn about an employer or candidate in a five-minute phone call. So we were curious to hear how many of you trust those initial gut feelings during the hiring process. We had a solid turnout of 9,342 votes this month!

Most said they at least took those first impressions into account with 36% saying they somewhat did, 33% saying they did, and 4% saying they fully relied on their intuition. 21% said that they’ll listen to their gut but will still rely on evidence. 2% said they didn’t have any system to deciding. Only 4% said their keep their decisions strictly analytical. In general, if our readers don’t like the someone’s vibe, they’re ready to walk away.


Do you ‘trust your gut’ when hiring or job hunting?

  • Somewhat, I’m often right but I’ve been surprised before (36%, 3,363 Votes)
  • Yes, when I have a bad feeling about someone, I walk away (33%, 3,064 Votes)
  • Not really, I take my gut into account but I rely on evidence to decide (21%, 1,943 Votes)
  • 100%, first impressions are all I need (4%, 374 Votes)
  • Nope, I keep decisions strictly analytical (4%, 374 Votes)
  • Honestly, I don’t really have a system (2%, 224 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “I absolutely follow my gut reactions. Every time I have had a bad feeling and ignored it, the situation never went well.”
    “I used to trust my gut more but got ‘had’ a few times. Now I look for specific actions, behaviors, competency and character. Beware – confidence & competence are not the same.”
    “Hiring is more art than science, unfortunately. Many gut instinct picks work out, some don’t. And of course, you never know if the bad feeling you got was legitimate.”
    “I had an awkward interview experience with a major company, but it got me the job. Turned out to not be a good work experience for me and I should have picked up on that likelihood from the manager I interviewed with, who was then my boss for 2 years.”
    “My gut is a fairly good barometer most of the time. But there is a lot of BS being thrown around and you can’t always trust what is being pitched.”

Newsletter December 2022 Poll

What is your company's top 2023 hiring goal?

  • Techs (43%, 6,792 Votes)
  • Sales Reps (42%, 6,620 Votes)
  • Office Support Staff (9%, 1,393 Votes)
  • Managers (3%, 522 Votes)
  • Executives (3%, 522 Votes)
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