April 2023

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The Top 5: Pros and Cons to Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments have become an increasingly popular tool in the hiring process for companies looking to make informed decisions about potential candidates. While they can provide valuable insight into a candidate’s personality, work style, and potential fit within a company’s culture, there are also potential downsides to consider.

  1. Objectivity
     Behavioral assessments can provide objective data to help hiring managers evaluate their candidates.
    Cons: While tests can help reduce bias in the hiring process, they are not immune to bias themselves. Determining which traits are “valuable” or “risky” is not, itself, an objective process.
  2. Predictive Value
    Pros: Behavioral assessments can be effective in predicting job performance and identifying candidates who are likely to succeed in the role.
    Cons: These tests are not foolproof. Why does an employee succeed at one company but fail at another? The employee is the same but the company’s product, support, culture, territory, etc. (and the economy in general) all serve to complicate employee success.
  3. Time
    Pros: Behavioral assessments can help filter out candidates who are not a good fit for the job, saving time and resources in the hiring process.
    Cons: On the other hand, these assessments take time to administer and evaluate which can bog down the hiring process. If you’re shopping for an assessment service, make quick turnarounds a priority!
  4. Bias
    Pros: Using behavioral assessments can help ensure that all candidates are evaluated on the same criteria, which can help reduce bias and ensure fairness in the hiring process.
    Cons: No assessment can be truly free from bias. It’s important for hiring managers to be aware of any potential biases and to use assessments in conjunction with other evaluation methods. Do no rely solely on any interview tool!
  5. Costs/Benefits
    Pros: Behavioral assessments can provide insight into a candidate’s work style, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities, which can help managers make more informed hiring decisions. 
    Cons: Some tests can be expensive, which may be a barrier for smaller companies or those with limited budgets. Additionally, some candidates may view these tests as an invasion of privacy, which could negatively impact their perception of the company and its hiring process.

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Featured Comments:

  • “I work field service on a National scale. I hear from production managers and business owners all the time that they are having trouble hiring good people.
    Seems to me when good talented people are in short supply you should respond to the ones that apply quickly. You never know when that next key person is going to slip right past you!”
  • “At the very least, they need to confirm that they received your application within a day or two.”
  • “If your resume catches the employer’s eye, say on a Monday, there’s no reason they can’t send an email/text or call within the week. If someone’s unemployed or under-employed you need to show some interest…..they did. With both employees and employers “ghosting” each other (yes, it happens on BOTH sides!) One or the other is going to move on. By showing interest within a week, it means you can move the process along and both parties can feel valued. I have been on or affected by both sides, get in touch people, an email or text literally takes less than a minute!“
  • “In service, if you are even thinking about getting another technician you need to react as soon as you see an application come in.”

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