We have the right stuff to help copier dealers find the right staff

Copier Careers® is a one-of-a-kind recruiting service that works exclusively with independent copier dealers to find just the right people for their staffing needs. Over 30 years, we have made deep connections in the industry and built a proprietary database of nearly 100,000 professional profiles. We use it to identify and recruit Copier Channel pros with the up-to-date skills and knowledge employers need. Our ability to find a well-qualified person for the job is how we help independent dealers grow, evolve and succeed.


We are the only recruiting firm focused exclusively on the Copier Channel. Since 1985, we have worked with clients to find technical, sales, management and administrative professionals to help them flourish in a rapidly changing business environment.

Each profile in our database details a candidate’s employment history, industry benchmarks, certifications, professional achievements and more. Our recruiters thrive on connecting tech-forward employers with highly skilled Copier Channel professionals, and we are passionate about helping our clients use recruitment as a tool for business growth in today’s quickly evolving marketplace.



Our recruiting strategy is to go beyond short-term staffing needs. We present clients with strong candidates on an ongoing basis, so they can take advantage of hiring opportunities as they occur. Our experienced recruiters will fill your current staffing needs and review your long-term business and recruiting goals to help you plan for the future—a must in a competitive hiring environment.

The Back Story


In 1985, we started recruiting service technicians for independent copier dealers. Back then, our “database” was on paper and stored in three-ring binders, and the best way to reach a prospect was to get their pager number. Then it all changed.

About a decade ago, the Copier Channel rapidly evolved from analog to digital technology and from stand-alone machines to networked devices. As the long-term recruiting partner for hundreds of independent dealerships, we saw a new staffing need emerge — and we began to identify candidates with the IT, networking and leadership skills to help dealerships grow and evolve along with technology.

Because our focus always has been on finding well-qualified candidates for our clients, we built a proprietary electronic database and developed standards for each professional specialty, tracked careers and expanded our services as the industry evolved.

  • Starting with service technicians, we began to track their OEM certifications to quickly find pre-qualified candidates for our clients
  • When dealers asked us to expand our recruiting efforts to include service managers, we located candidates and began to track their work experience, OEM certifications, number of direct reports and other metrics to better match candidates with opportunities
  • We developed measures of success on key job metrics such as exceeding quotas and meeting benchmarks to find qualified candidates, when clients asked us to recruit sales representatives
  • After clients suggested that we also recruit sales managers, we devised measures such as experience, number of direct reports and profit and loss responsibility to find candidates with the right skills
  • This led to recruiting back office and support staff, for which we track experience with systems and programs such as E-automate, other job-related certifications and years of experience
  • Eventually, clients asked us to find great candidates for high-level management positions and C-level executives
  • As technology evolved and Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Network Services (MNS) emerged, we began to recruit candidates with MPS/MNS skills and experience

Copier Careers was built on entrepreneurship, problem-solving and partnership. As the industry continues to expand, innovate and offer new services, we will adapt and remain responsive to changing needs — as we have done for more than 30 years. Our tools, experienced recruiters and industry knowledge are the best in the business. We are here to help. Give us a call today.

“I look forward to working with Copier Careers again… we will not only save time with our next hire but also find the best fit for our organization.” – Lynn Strocen, Print Audit

Copier Careers® is an exclusively dedicated Copier Channel recruiting firm, helping industry employers find experienced service techs, copier sales reps, sales managers, service and operations managers, controllers, back office staff, and MPS/MNS experts. Learn more about our commitment to the Copier Channel at www.CopierCareers.com or call 888-733-4868 to speak with a recruiter.
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