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The Top 5: 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Tips from the trenches to keep your copier career on track

2020 New Year’s Resolutions For Professional Development

It’s a new month, new quarter, new year, new decade! We encourage folks to be their best selves all the time but this seems like an especially good chance to turn over a new leaf. Kickstart your productivity and professionalism with these 2020 New Year’s Resolutions.

    1. Make time to reflect. Block off just 15 minutes on your calendar at the end of each work day to reflect on what you accomplished, what’s left to do and how you feel about your work. This habit is not only good for you in general, it will also help you in reaching your other goals. When you’re overwhelmed it helps you to acknowledge your progress and plan for finishing whatever you couldn’t get to. When you’re trying to break bad habits, it helps you to pinpoint where/how/why you slipped or succeeded and recommit to being better. Self-assessment is key to self-improvement!
    2. Reduce your clutter. A clear, organized work space can improve your focus and reduce stress by minimizing visual and physical distractions. In that vein, don’t limit your de-cluttering efforts to your desk – organize your inbox and calendar so the most important and useful information is easily accessible. It’s worth spending the time to streamline your physical and virtual workspace. You’ll look better, feel better, work better!
    3. Take care of your body. When schedules and expectations threaten to bump your self-care off your priority list, remember that you are not a disembodied mind or a hardened cog in the machine. Taking care of yourself benefits your company, your career, and your quality of life – you can’t afford to ignore it! That means getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, and working exercise into your day.
    4. Update your resume. You never know when opportunity knocks! Whether you’re preparing for an interviewapplying to a position or just open to opportunities, it’s important to have your resume looking good and up-to-date. Don’t neglect your online resumes either – upload your new resume to job search sites and update your LinkedIn profile so your online image is fresh and consistent.
    5. Make connections. Whether you’re looking for a professional mentor, networking or looking for a new position, it’s important to forge new connections. Learning from the examples and advice from mentors and colleagues is an excellent strategy for self-improvement. Networking with professionals and recruiters can give you an edge when that prime new job opens up. But from a simply human standpoint, connecting with friends and colleagues helps fight loneliness which leads to many problems, including reduced job performance.

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