Recruiting Advice From Recruiting Experts

Our 2022 Year-End Q&A is out! Our recruiters discussed about what they’ve seen in the job market and hiring process over the past six months. You can read the full story here or keep reading below for their recruiting advice for candidates and employers.

Recruiting Advice for Candidates

  • Communicate: We want to help you. Employers want to hire you. So, let’s talk!
  • Be resume and reference ready: Make sure your resume is up to date, your work history is accurate and your references are ready. Cautious employers will check.
  • No ghosting, please: You may have multiple options or offers and feel a bit overwhelmed. We can help you process and consider options. Disappearing from a conversation isn’t good for you or your potential employer.
  • Advocate for yourself: Tell your recruiter and tell the employer what you need or want. Be willing to listen and negotiate. Remember you are interviewing the company just as much as the company is interviewing you.
  • Do the math: Cost-of-living can be hard to grasp. Relocating from a high-tax market to a low-tax market can make the offer seem too low. We can help you work through the math to show how much more money will be in your pocket, even if the amount on the check is lower than you expected.
  • Be reasonable: Consider the big picture. Your offer isn’t just pay; it’s benefits, training, car or car allowance, perks, hours, territory, flexibility, commute, etc. If you have a concern, bring it up.

PRO TIP: Good news! Your skills are in demand, but there is always a limit to what employers can offer. Think beyond compensation and consider location, opportunities to enhance your skills, work-life balance and other perks when you consider an offer.

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Recruiting Advice for Employers

  • Be reasonable: Competition for qualified candidates is fierce. Your offer should be realistic in this competitive market, and don’t forget to ensure work-life balance.
  • Time kills deals: Don’t leave candidates cooling their heels or they’ll go somewhere else or decide they’re not ready to leave at all. You will be much more successful if you keep in touch with candidates. Communicate hiccups in the process, such as a slow background check, and do your best to speed the hiring process.
  • Keep up the pace: Don’t get complacent. Even with a signed offer letter, you can’t leave candidates in the wind. Especially if you have a gap between the offer and their first day – if you disappear on them, you risk having the deal fall apart.
  • Listen to the recruiter: You may make a few hires a year, but we help close deals every week. We have seen what works and what causes offers to fall apart. We can help with every stage of your hiring process and help you identify ways to improve that process.
  • Consider an older employee: Some retired people who left employment to live off their investments are considering “unretiring” because of inflation. These candidates have skills and knowledge that will benefit your company. Be open to talking with these industry pros and bringing them aboard. Remember, experience matters.

PRO TIP: Yes, you have a lot on your plate, but keeping a candidate engaged and excited about joining your company should be your top priority. You are the product, so sell the job and the company to candidates. Communicate clearly and keep your appointments. Anything less will work against you.

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