Highlights for Employers & Candidates

Last month we published the 2022 Year-End Q&A as part of our biannual industry analysis series. Our January post excerpted our recruiters’ expert advice for employers and candidates. This month, we’d like to highlight a few more tidbits from our team.

Employer 2022 Year-End Q&A Highlights

  • This is no time for a “wait and see” approach in recruiting or hiring. The worst thing you can do is think about the candidate market that was instead of the way it is now. With the extreme shortage of skilled people and multiple industries in the hunt, employers should be nimble and adapt to the market. Retool your hiring process for efficiency. Set clear goals and be ready to flex on salary.
  • At the end of 2022, many employers were trying to find balance between speed and caution in their candidate searches. Employers are carefully considering hiring needs against their ability to offer greater compensation — without devaluing their longtime employees. Finding that sweet spot in this market will require resolve, diplomacy and the patience of all parties.
  • Everyone is hiring, and every business has challenges. Larger companies can be bogged down with bureaucracy, unable to move quickly. Others can move faster but might not have competitive compensation. Smart employers understand those challenges and ask us to evaluate their hiring process. Improving process — from compensation to timing and how many interviews are too many — is critical to making great hires. We’re here to help.
  • Even though money talks, it is not the only card employers have to play. In our relatively small industry, word gets around about companies with a high turnover rate, problematic management or difficult territory. Beyond a cash incentive to make a move, many candidates point to quality-of-life issues as a top consideration in making a change.
  • Employers who lose their sense of urgency in their hiring processes are likely to lose great candidates. Be realistic about compensation, benefits and the work-life balance needs of prospective employees. If you are disrespectful of their time in the hiring process, it sends the wrong message about the work environment of your organization.

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Candidate 2022 Year-End Q&A Highlights

  • Even though this is a candidate’s market, be sincere in your quest for a new position. In a tight market, nobody has time to dance with a candidate who is not really interested in making a move. Be up front with your employer about your needs. If they can’t meet them, weigh the pros and cons of staying and decide a course of action. Then stay or move on.
  • Good news! Your skills are in demand, but there is always a limit to what employers can offer. Think beyond compensation and consider location, opportunities to enhance your skills, work-life balance and other perks when you consider an offer.

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