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Poll: Your Top 3 Interview Selling Points

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Focus on These Interview Selling Points

Last month we discussed tips for attracting and hiring Gen Z candidates so we were curious to hear about your top three interview selling points. We had a solid turnout of 16,433 votes this month!

Unsurprisingly, most (29%) cited compensation as a priority concern during the interview process. Other monetary or clearly definable selling points included the benefits package (12%), company car/fair car allowance (9%) and PTO (5%). In total this group took 55% of the vote.

Interestingly, softer criteria like connecting with the interviewers (13%) and compatible management / leadership style (12%) came in above the benefits package. Interesting / fulfilling work (12%) and the company’s reputation (7%) were each prioritized over PTO. The total soft criteria took 44% of votes.

The rest are still important but didn’t qualify in many voters’ top three. Flexible hours, hybrid work options and territory earned 1% each. Commute received 4 votes while attractive office setup and miscellaneous job perks each got 1 vote.

Here are the full results:

What keeps you motivated in difficult times?

  • I have dependents counting on me (23%, 3,232 Votes)
  • Keeping busy keeps me sane (22%, 3,124 Votes)
  • I’m not letting something I’ve built be swept away (20%, 2,932 Votes)
  • Honestly, I’m struggling with this (17%, 2,459 Votes)
  • I’m a problem-solver so there’s plenty to do (16%, 2,231 Votes)
  • I focus on the little victories (1%, 182 Votes)
  • There’s always more skills to learn/improve (1%, 168 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “In this market, it finally feels like we no longer have to choose between pay and a good team/manager/company. You can research, interview them as they interview you, and pick the best of both worlds.”
  • “I think PTO, and a company that encourages you to use it, are very underrated. Nothing worse than being told you have a great PTO package, but everyone is so behind that even taking a half day means you are likely working weekends to recover.”
  • “Compensation, benefits, & commission for responsibility rather than hourly or salary. Companies are looking to grow, please give the techs the same opportunity and they will be become even better for the company.”
  • “Possibility of advancement is the most important!”
  • Speaking to what an employee can expect from the company in regards to culture, values, and accountability is paramount; and on the flip side, what the company expects consistently from an employee.
  • “People want a real Salary. Let’s stop dancing around, the pay stinks, the auto compensation is a JOKE & benefits & health coverage STINKS. I’ve been doing office equipment repair for over 40 years and I wouldn’t want my son to follow in my footsteps.
  • “I want compensation that is finally inflation-adjusted – anything less than a 30% raise is essentially taking yet another loss.”
  • “Chasing top dollar can make you MISERABLE. It’s important but can’t be the only factor.”
  • “Give me a hands-off leadership style – leave me alone and let me do my job.”
  • “A good obtainable bonus package, and perks for the front line workers.  Why should the CEO’s and upper management get all perks! Maybe then you’ll see us ‘grunts; stay longer and be able to have a happier life and be part of a company that we really care about!”
  • “To me, work fulfillment means solid customers, minimal employer-created nonsense to deal with and a no-rush atmosphere. Emergency service is one thing, but poor management anywhere in the chain should not equate to me having to deal with any drama.”
  • “Compensation is the driving force, but not the only factor. I need to know that I can work with the manager. If the job is on the lower end of my range, but the company is solid with a good manager/team, that can make up for a bit of lower pay.”
  • “I don’t want your crappy company car. Reimburse me a car allowance rate that is respectable enough to cover the payments on a very reliable and fuel efficient vehicle of my choice. It’ll cost you and me less in the bigger picture.”

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