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Poll: What’s Your #1 2022 Goal?

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Top 2022 Goal Is to Get a New Job

Last month we looked back on 2021, so this month we wanted to look forward. We were curious to hear about your top 2022 goals. We had a solid turnout of 19,265 votes this month!

Your top two responses are not at all surprising – 34% said they were employed but looking to find a new job and 28% were looking to hire a new employee. That’s 62% of the votes showing how volatile the job market is right now. Employers should take this to heart – your employees are not guaranteed to stick around so you need to make sure your company stands up to the competition! Likewise, these results confirm what we’re seeing – employees are looking at their options because there are so many employers desperate to attract them.

It’s also important to note that the vast majority of candidates job hunting are currently employed. Only 10% of our results were from people currently unemployed and looking for work. These candidates came in 4th place, after folks hoping to get a promotion or change roles within their organization. Next were those planning to earn a new certification or job skill (9%), retire (6%) and take up basket weaving (2%).

We have comments on this poll below. Many of them voice the same frustration we’ve been hearing and reporting on for years. What we’re trying to hammer home is that employers need to be making changes to their salaries, benefits, bonuses, promotion paths and perks yesterday or risk losing their most talented people. If employees are leaving and you can’t attract new folks to replace them, you can’t afford to just shrug it off – something has to change.

Here are the full results:

What’s your #1 2022 goal?

  • Find a new job (currently employed) (34%, 6,583 Votes)
  • Hire a new employee (28%, 5,455 Votes)
  • Get a promotion/change roles (11%, 2,175 Votes)
  • Find a new job (currently unemployed) (10%, 1,989 Votes)
  • Earn a new certification/job skill (9%, 1,777 Votes)
  • Retire (6%, 1,206 Votes)
  • Take up basket weaving (0%, 80 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Finding a good technician is difficult if you are not willing to pay them.”
  • “My company has grown ever year. 2019 saw record sales and profits. Even 2020 brought 8% growth, while 2021 brought in 10%. Great, right? Despite all this growth, our salaries have been frozen since 2014. In 2017 they cut off our bonuses. This company is making millions! They just announced more price increases to offset inflation but they don’t apply that same logic to the salaries of their own workers?! After 25 years and enough certifications to choke an industrial paper shredder, I say: ‘Goodbye and good riddance! I’m done.’”
  • “My husband and I started our company 38 years ago. He is the numbers guy and negotiates with our vendors, I am a born salesperson. Unfortunately, I wear too many other hats like HR, insurance and building maintenance, to name a few. I actually like cold calling but can’t find the time and “the gatekeeper” is usually working remote. We have a great team but most of us are over 50, the young ones do not have the same work ethic. Frustrating but for now we will carry on! Happy selling!”
  • “None of the above. I’m satisfied with where I’m at and what I’m doing.”
  • “I need an expert field technician job that actually pays me for being an expert. It isn’t 2005 and those 2005 wages just aren’t cutting it anymore.”
  • “The constant stress is really starting to get to me.  I’d honestly rather take up basket weaving… Unfortunately, I don’t think that will pay the bills.”
  • “I choose ‘Get a promotion/change roles,’ but I really mean get more money. I have seen P&L’s so I know they can afford it.”
  • “I’m considering leaving the industry. There are a lot of opportunities in other industries hiring with higher pay and similar benefits. My current employer isn’t interested in doing anything to keep me, other than give me more territory and responsibilities to cover the shortage of techs. I’ve been a top tech here for 20 years, but this will be my last unless there’s a change.”

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