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Poll: What Keeps You Motivated in Difficult Times?

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So Many Reasons to Stay Motivated

Last month we invited you to share your COVID disruption stories so we could understand how the pandemic has affected the industry on an individual level. We also wanted to hear what kept you motivated during such difficult times. We had a solid turnout of 12,328 votes this month!

We had votes fairly evenly split across all the answers this month, showing that folks are likely motivated by several factors at once.

23% cite their dependents as primary motivation, 22% are keeping busy to help cope with the world and 20% toil to preserve what they’ve built. Another 16% focus on problem-solving to push on. Only 1% say it helps to focus on the little victories.

The majority (83%) report some level of motivation but the remaining 17% say they are struggling to stay motivated at all.

Here are the full results:

What keeps you motivated in difficult times?

  • I have dependents counting on me (23%, 3,232 Votes)
  • Keeping busy keeps me sane (22%, 3,124 Votes)
  • I’m not letting something I’ve built be swept away (20%, 2,932 Votes)
  • Honestly, I’m struggling with this (17%, 2,459 Votes)
  • I’m a problem-solver so there’s plenty to do (16%, 2,231 Votes)
  • I focus on the little victories (1%, 182 Votes)
  • There’s always more skills to learn/improve (1%, 168 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “I have sold copiers most of my adult life. People think I am crazy to love them like I do, but it’s their rich history that I am such a deep fan of. I remember my Father (while I was in High School) trying to explain this new Fax Machine they had gotten in his office. It transmitted pages of print over the phone. And when I started in the Copier World, many of the units used liquid toner. And then in no time, The Computer was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. To have lived my life helping people understand the newest features & benefits of the newest technologies of our industry, well…I have been proud to do so. And then 2020 came, and COVID-19 hit us. It simply has shifted the entire marketplace in such a way that the job I so enjoyed, the extensive base of clients I had developed relationships with, they all have just been in a tailspin like we as a country has never seen. No matter what…I have been a very proud woman to have been able to say…Yeah, I sell copiers for a living. How can I help you?”
  • “I welcome the downtime in between the little victories.”
  • “My company is still the front-runner in solving office equipment problems. Very rewarding industry and we are proud to serve.”
  • “My team has stepped up to the challenges of working remotely and we are more productive than ever. I wouldn’t dream of letting them down now!”
  • “Survival!”
  • “At the end of the day, the most important thing is my wife and children. I have to continue fighting for them.”

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