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Poll: What Is Your Biggest 2021 Challenge So Far?

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Top 2021 Challenge Tied Sales and Hiring

Last month we published our 2021 Mid-Year Update. One of the main challenges we observed, was hiring in this ultra-competitive job market. So we were curious to hear about the top 2021 challenge you were experiencing. We had a solid turnout of 11,292 this month!

Just about tied as the top challenges were meeting quota, with 41% of the vote, and hiring more people, with 40%. 9% said they were struggling to bring on new clients while another 7% were focused on eliminating their competition. The remaining 4% were having a challenging job search.

It makes sense that quota concerns topped the list as sales reps make up a big portion of our monthly readers – they have had their work cut out for them this year. Similarly, hiring managers are working in a red-hot job market while their companies are recovering from the pandemic. In contrast, only 4% said they had trouble finding a job – that’s because this is a candidate’s job market!

Here are the full results:

What is your biggest 2021 challenge so far?

  • Meeting my quota (41%, 4,583 Votes)
  • Hiring more people (40%, 4,496 Votes)
  • Getting new clients (9%, 989 Votes)
  • Eliminating my competition!! (7%, 735 Votes)
  • Finding a job (4%, 489 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “The first quarter was brutal, 2nd quarter was much better, hoping 3rd quarter is great!”
  • “I joined the ranks of The Great Resignation in June. Will be looking for a job after relocating to a new state.”
  • “Things are starting to pick back up. There is light at the end of the tunnel for some. Only the strong seemed to survive this pandemic and I am looking forward to new and better equipment on the horizon.”
  • “My company still has me on the same partial work schedule from the pandemic. At this point, I’ve watched my entire marketplace return full-time and customers expect us to be there full-time as well. This fact, coupled with my corporation’s lack of trust in long-term employees is pushing me away after 26 years.”
  • “Getting equipment”
  • “My #1 goal for 2021 is to get away from my current employer. If I wrote out what the new ‘rules’ were, no one would believe me. A hostile work environment would be a gift, at this point.”
  • “I am a bit surprised that ‘getting new clients’ is only 9%. I am prospecting at a very high level and am seeing little interest from clients to change due to economic uncertainty. Comparatively, ‘hiring more people’ is not as difficult as long as expectations are attainable.”

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