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Poll: What Do You Expect for Reopened Offices Post COVID-19?

Predictions for Reopened Offices

Last month we discussed what potential changes we may see in the post COVID-19 office. So we were curious to hear what changes you expect for reopened offices. We had a record-breaking turnout of 13,641 votes this month!

The majority of you (58%) expect social distancing policies to become the office norm as businesses reopen. Based on what we’ve seen in China, that seems like a reasonable prediction. 16% believe it will be business as usual – depending on your state, that may be the case. Another 14% expect reduced hours, which jives with how we’ve seen companies manage reduced business and the need to socially distance their people. Only 8% expect to continue to work from home – many in our industry are just not able to work remotely, so this makes sense too. 3% predict staggered shifts which will aid in social distancing. The remaining 1% (31 votes) are starting new jobs in new offices after this employment shakeup.

We received a lot of comments this month as well. Many are letting us know how y’all are doing (feel free to elaborate in our June poll, folks!). Quite a few wished for everyone to stay safe and healthy. Others clarified what their expecting for the reopened offices such as cleaning policies, mask and PPE use, etc. We love to hear from you – especially right now – so keep ’em coming!

Here are the full results:

What do you expect at your office after COVID-19?

  • Social distance policies (58%, 7,972 Votes)
  • Business as usual (16%, 2,159 Votes)
  • Reduced hours (14%, 1,923 Votes)
  • Continue to work from home (8%, 1,157 Votes)
  • Staggered shifts (3%, 399 Votes)
  • New job, new office so hard to say (0%, 31 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Working 3 days a week. When I’m not in the field, doing online training and also with 3 kids at home doing homeschooling (not fun!). Business really slow as Massachusetts is the 3rd state with most cases of COVID-19.  So far no layoffs and no signs for that yet. I work for a small copier business in the Boston area, stay safe you all!”
  • “Being a technology company most of our teams can work from home. Technicians are working split days in the field as business is light. Great time for Web Based Training.”
  • “Company does not care about my seniority and that I take care of their biggest client by myself with no issues. So they furloughed me with 8 years’ seniority and kept someone with 4 years at the company. Time to look for a new job.”
  • “My ex-employer here in Florida took the opportunity with this pandemic to cut staff throughout the company and blamed it on COVID-19 but they label it as a termination.”
  • “As difficult this may be, we need to try to stay focused. We need to start adapting to homeschooling/ reaching out to customers by email and get more e-learning courses under our belt.  This is effecting everyone and can continue to do so for a few more months. Have a plan.”
  • “We were working from home for 32 hours/week from 3/18/20-4/17/20. Returned 4/20/20 back to full time for operations only and sales returned 5/11/20.”
  • “I hope to be back to full-time soon. People are getting anxious and ready to head back to work, which in turn means more work for us. But the schools are not going to open till possibly September so that slows us down. Most places are pushing social distancing and I appreciate it right now. We are required to wear masks for now and I can’t wait for that to be over.”
  • “As a tech, maybe social distancing isn’t the best option to choose, but PPE and cleaning policies/practices will probably change permanently. Wiping machines down with alcohol has always been a practice of mine, but I think cleaning the machines more thoroughly will become the ‘new normal.’”
  • “I started with a new employer right in the middle of this and have just been working tech support from home. 50% or more of my job typically is traveling, so I expect I will eventually get back to that. I will certainly be using a mask for some time to come and taking more precautions, as my wife is high risk.”
  • “I work in Chicago and I believe the daily mass migration of people into and out of downtown, all on public transit, are over. Companies will have people working from home several days a week, where applicable.”
  • “Mainly business-as-usual with more remote work, phone and computer, video connections to help clients with up-time. Only traveling to customer locations if absolutely necessary. Disinfecting equipment before and after service calls will continue.”
  • “It is hard to say what our office will do. My company is lacking leadership and employees are getting frustrated with their close-minded approach and lack of quality tools to help in their day-to-day activities.”
  • “Going back to work Monday, so happy to get close to normal. Also happy to get out of my house!”

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