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Poll: What Are Your 2021 Predictions?

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Your 2021 Predictions: Godzilla, Probably?

Last month we discussed tips for making resolutions after a year like 2020. So we were curious to hear your 2021 predictions. We had a solid turnout of 14,266 votes this month!

The results are in and… Right, well, that’ll teach us to throw a joke answer in our polls. Our runaway 2021 prediction, taking 63% of the votes, is for Godzilla to make an appearance. We suppose that is the only reasonable way to top 2020.

The next votes were split in a close tie between an optimistic “we’re turning a corner” (15%) and a more cautious “more of the same” (14%). The remaining 8% of the votes went pessimistically to “we’re going downhill.”

So the jury is still out on 2021 but, personally, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for radioactive lizards – just to be safe.

Here are the full results:

What do you expect for 2021?

  • What could be next – Godzilla? (63%, 8,995 Votes)
  • We’re turning a corner! (15%, 2,173 Votes)
  • More of the same (14%, 1,953 Votes)
  • We’re going downhill! (8%, 1,145 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “2020 was a year like no other, though we can learn from it.  We have learned to WFH more efficiently, contact clients in new ways, listen to new needs/goals which were never there pre-COVID.  2021 shows a lot of promise with the vaccines coming out and people wanting to work more efficiently – from home or office.  It will likely get off to a slow start though if we use what we have learned from 2020 we can make 2021 much better.”
  • “Restarting document flows in many parts of the industry will be strictly a maintenance issue, at first. Optimism for technical positions next year may have a surge of their own as customers increase their own workflow.”
  • “The industry is evolving away from the typical office setting of offices full of employees, a lot of telecommuting is on the horizon.”
  • “Actually looking to hire, NH is faring better than most.”
  • “Our great grandparents have been through much worse, we can get through this.”
  • “I lost my senior tech job because of COVID-19. I hope to go back to work sooner than later.”
  • “It may not be until fall, but things will bounce back. There will definitely be more people working from home, and a significant amount of people on the move as well. The business model, especially in Downtown areas, has undoubtedly been shaken, but our economy has the flexibility and innovative spirit to bend but not break.”
  • “Well, let’s see, worldwide pandemic, furloughed, laid off, one root canal, two crowns, physical therapy, resurging pandemic and I refuse to be disheartened. My family is healthy and most are working (yeah, it’s me, I’m the unemployed one, okay?), the sun comes up… Yup, still blessed. But the whole Godzilla thing would be kinda cool… Please stay safe, wear your mask, use the hand sanitizer, be the one who knows they’re not spreading the virus.”
  • “More uselessness from management and another year of no raises.”
  • “I hope and expect that industries and companies will get back to something approaching normal in the late spring or early summer. When they do, their machines will need service after sitting unused – or barely used – for so long. Some machines may even need to be replaced. Both of these things will be good for our industry, and those of us who still have jobs, or who get jobs in our industry.”

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