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Poll: Rate Your Company’s Communication During COVID-19


Last month we discussed key crisis leadership traits, with strong communication heading the list. So we were curious to hear how you’d rate your company leaders’ communication during the pandemic crisis. We had a solid turnout of 18,197 votes this month!

Most of you (52%) rated you company’s communication positively with 30% saying it was good with room for improvement and 22% saying it was great. 36% gave their company a negative rating – 16% said it was bad and didn’t know what what going on, 11% said they hadn’t heard anything and didn’t know if they still had a job and 9% said it was terrible with no plans and unexpected changes. The remaining 12% rated it neutrally, saying they had to ask for explanations but that they were still muddling through.

Here are the full results:

Rate your company’s communication during COVID

  • Good, there’s a plan but some things could be more clear (30%, 5,391 Votes)
  • Great, I know our policies and generally what to expect each week (22%, 3,959 Votes)
  • Bad, I’m not really sure what’s going on but I know we’re still in business (16%, 2,928 Votes)
  • OK, I have to ask for explanations but we’re muddling through (12%, 2,242 Votes)
  • Crickets, every morning I’m honestly not sure if I still have a job (11%, 1,978 Votes)
  • Terrible, there’s no plan and unexpected changes come up all the time (9%, 1,699 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “We never panicked. Our company slowed down for about 2 weeks, after which everyone was back at work and none have even looked back. We keep our offices super clean, stay our distance, wear masks at all times in customer locations, we advise the customer that we will thoroughly sanitize every inch of each unit before and after each service. We are mostly doing ‘normal’ business, with all employees. Sales has migrated to zoom meetings and revenue is reasonably normal.”
  • “I’ve been furloughed for almost 4 months, haven’t heard from anyone. Called the branch today and was told the the GM was on vacation, out of state for next 2 weeks!?! I have no idea what to do except go to your site and find a new job.”
  • “Oh, our ‘Ma & Pa’ dealership communicated plenty during the pandemic. With events changing so rapidly, many companies sat and waited a couple weeks before reacting but not my company. We got a rambling, incoherent email from the owner, vague messaging from HR and near-constant changes in policy. First it was a sliding scale of pay cuts followed days later with our schedules being cut to part-time. We were all finally furloughed when the shutdown happened in our state. After receiving PPP funding, we came back with a 10% reduction in hours. Then we were told to take a full day off each week. When the math didn’t add up in July we were told we ‘owed the time back to the company’ and were ordered to work two full days in August without pay. Each change in policy created anxiety, apprehension and panic.”
  • “Communication is the best way to run a company, pandemic or not, and we have that trait nailed down.”
  • “Just lost my job after being furloughed for 4 months and lost my health care.”
  • “Our company has been very clear in communication to the employees and has communicated often. They also are taking every precaution to make sure our employees feel safe.”
  • “I wish I had a job to comment on!”
  • “Furlough ended and we went back to work. Management screwed everything up as usual when trying to work on the machines while we were out. They should trim some of the fat at the top.”
  • “Great leadership here. Great decision-making and communications.”
  • “I haven’t heard from my manager since the day I was informed I was furloughed, with no return date given. That was several months ago.”
  • “With regard to COVID communication, ‘rules’ are published but then high-level management ignores them, making it clear these rules mean nothing. Considering that our business depends on getting people back to work, I find this baffling.”
  • “God help us all – my company is in full-blown panic mode. They can’t seem to fire enough people to satisfy the ‘Executive Team.’”
  • “My company is in a strong financial position thanks to the hard work of their employees. But how quickly our effort is forgotten! They made no attempt to hold onto their workers. I know folks in different departments who were there 20+ years – no loyalty to the people who helped with their success! It’s too late for me but I advise you all to take care of yourselves first because they will always prioritize profit over loyalty.”
  • “After cutbacks to pay and hours starting in May, top management finally decided they had to lay off about 6 or so people recently. I was not among them. They say they are sure they won’t have to do so again. Things are slowly picking back up but we are still on a partial schedule through the end of the year. It’s nice to have a 3-day weekend every week, but if I were financially hurting I would feel differently.”

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