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Poll: How Was Your Last Interview?

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Most Call Their Last Interview a Success

Last month we discussed what to do after a bad interview so we were curious to hear how your last interview went. We had a solid turnout of 11,096 votes this month!

Most of you (37%) feel very good about your last interview! 18% felt qualified for the position but could tell their interviewer wasn’t convinced. 11% said they thought they did well but didn’t get the job, another 11% thought their good interview made up for not perfectly meeting the job requirements. 9% thought they might have gotten lost in the crowd of applicants while another 8% didn’t want to talk about their last interview. The last 7% said their interview made it clear this was not a place they wanted to work.

Here are the full results:

How did your last interview go?

  • Nailed it! (37%, 4,153 Votes)
  • On paper I can do the job but I don’t think the interviewer liked me (18%, 1,944 Votes)
  • I did great but I guess they didn’t get it? (11%, 1,191 Votes)
  • Good even though I don’t perfectly meet their requirements (11%, 1,191 Votes)
  • Fine but there were a lot of other candidates (9%, 989 Votes)
  • I… don’t want to talk about it (8%, 855 Votes)
  • I knew immediately I didn’t want to work there (7%, 773 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “I was hired on the spot!”
  • “The question is, how will my next interview go…”
  • “3 interviews in, I was offered a spot but ended up taking a pass. Based on how they answered my questions, I didn’t feel it would be a good fit.”
  • “Nailed it! And I just passed my 90-day probationary period.”
  • “Listening to the management team bad-mouth the incumbent and take zero responsibility for the issues was a complete turn-off. They invited me for a second interview, but I dropped out. I realized how much I appreciate my boss and his management style.”
  • “As a tech with vast experience, I interview them right back.”
  • “One good indicator is if after about 15-20 minutes of traditional interview Q&A, it turns more into a two-way conversation. This is typically when my real questions get asked and I am inquiring about such things as the technology and software their products use and the specific ways they do things that can vary so much between companies. If the interview goes long (2 1/2 hours for the position I am currently in), that is a great sign. If they shake your hand after 30 minutes and say ‘We’ll let you know,’ then at the very best, it went just ok.”
  • “I’ve only ever had one bad interview that actually resulted in getting the job. It was the only time I have ever been asked some of the questions most articles prepare you for (‘what is your greatest weakness?’ sort of things). The interviewer/new manager turned out to be one of the worst supervisors I have ever had and It is not a fondly remembered employment experience.”
  • “I had one interview early on in the same job search that went well and went overtime. However, the service manager (who had 4 years less industry experience than I did) felt that he was unable to offer me either the job or the pay I was really after. He just needed a tech for basic break-fix and I was seeking a position that needed strong IT skills. We both agreed it was a poor fit before any formal offer was ever made. I appreciated his honesty on that instead of trying to sell me the job.”

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