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Poll: How Long Have You Been at Your Current Job?

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Most Have 3+ Year Tenure at Current Job

Last month we discussed our 2022 Mid-Year Q&A where we asked our expert recruiters about the current state of the industry. Their consensus was that the job market is red-hot and super competitive. The risk of losing hard-to-replace employees has caused many employers to step up their retention strategies. So we were curious to hear how recently our readers changed jobs. We had a solid turnout of 19,210 votes this month!

The results mirror what we’re seeing, less than 1% of the voters said they were currently unemployed. Even before the pandemic, we’ve been warning employers that the industry was essentially at zero unemployment. 2020 was the only window of opportunity for employers to easily snap up top-tier employees during the early disruption. For the companies well-positioned for growth, opportunistic hires were plentiful but since 2021, the job market has gotten tighter and tighter. Employers who missed out are dealing with the consequences.

A total of 14% of voters changed jobs since 2020 – 6% had a one to two-year tenure and 8% started in the past year. The remaining 86% haven’t made a career change for at least three years – 26% said three to five years, 27% said six to nine years and 33% said over a decade.

Think of the company knowledge and skills these long-tenured people represent to their employers and coworkers. It’s no wonder companies are making big changes to avoid losing them!

Growing employers looking to find and attract these top industry pros certainly have their work cut out for them. Luckily, Copier Careers can help!

We had some especially insightful comments this month so be sure to read them below!

Here are the full results:

How long have you been in your current job?

  • 10+ years (33%, 6,426 Votes)
  • 6-9 years (27%, 5,121 Votes)
  • 3-5 years (26%, 5,028 Votes)
  • I just started! / Less than a year (8%, 1,514 Votes)
  • 1-2 years (6%, 1,112 Votes)
  • I’m unemployed (0%, 9 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Couldn’t deal with my OEM anymore. Those ships are so big that they can’t correct course even if they wanted to, which they don’t. I moved to a smaller outfit, but the pay is much higher and they are knocking sales out of the park as their business model is so much more down to earth and genuine than the OEM “big hat” sale followed by “tiny hat” performance. The stress is nowhere near what it was for the last several years with Big Brother OEM.”
  • “Passing 21 years this month.  It’s been a long growing commitment. There’s a lot changing in the industry, more to come I’m sure. When Covid started I had to consider what I would do if it didn’t work out. It has for me, but can’t help think about all those it didn’t.”
  • “It’s been a really good change so far.”
  • “While I have been stable million-dollar producer and successful multimillion-dollar Sales Manager, opportunities within my geographical market are few and far between. New opportunities are tied to relocation, making it difficult – and employers in more rural markets know it.”
  • “Just left for another job.  More money same vacation.”
  • “I’m unemployed, but willingly so. I am actively interviewing, but not with any urgency. I know I’ll find the right position for the salary I deserve. It’s nice to be in a market where I’ve got that power.”
  • “Left an OEM after 35 years, been here for almost 4.”
  • “I was laid off from an OEM. Found a better position within a month, thank God I’m out of the hell hole.”
  • “Let’s talk about employers that are not helping to compensate with the rise in gas prices for us technicians to service THEIR customers. Travel to customers is coming out of our pockets and no company vehicle in sight.”
  • “Service manager at 18. I am now 60, at my 3rd and final dealer as GM and have been since 2021.”
  • “I left an OEM and never looked back.”
  • “29 years with the same company, 42 years between 2 companies.”
  • “It’s all about the culture. Do you believe in what your company does? Is it ethical? Do you like your coworkers?  Not every day is great but the great outweigh the bad by a mile!”
  • “Over 24 years, and thankful.  Counting down to retirement.”
  • “I was at my previous position as a tech at an OEM for 33 years.  The money just wasn’t coming.  Went to a different OEM and over 5 years later I am still happy I made the switch!! And the compensation is way better!!!”
  • “42 year career, current 14 years.”

Reader Questions:

We received a few questions from readers in our poll comments last month. Unfortunately, they didn’t include any way to contact them directly so we couldn’t answer them. If you have questions about how Copier Careers can help you – whether you’re an employer or a job-seeker – please include your email in your poll comment (we won’t post it publically) or use our confidential Contact Us form! Thanks!

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