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Poll: How Has Hiring Changed During COVID?

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Hiring Changed Moderately Since the Pandemic

Last month we discussed the most common ways we’re seeing employers sabotage their own hiring process in the current job market. So we were curious to hear if some of the logistics of hiring changed during the past year’s pandemic. We had a record-breaking 20,862 votes this month!

Most folks (48%) said they are meeting in-person with masks and precautions. A full 25% of you said that nothing has changed in your area. That was closely tied with 24% who said they have a hybrid between remote and socially distanced interviews. And the remaining 3% are completely remote through the process.

Overall it seems that hiring changed moderately on average across the nation. Certain markets have had wildly different experiences, of course. Companies in states with more stringent policies will obviously have significantly different operations than ones in states with no pandemic regulations.

Here are the full results:

How has COVID changed the hiring process (either at your company or in your job search)?

  • Folks meet in-person with masks and precautions (48%, 9,911 Votes)
  • Nothing has changed in my area (25%, 5,114 Votes)
  • It’s typically a hybrid between remote and socially distanced interviews (24%, 5,104 Votes)
  • It’s all remote now (4%, 733 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “There is a lot of research concluding that in-person interviews are no more effective than tossing a coin, so now is a great time to re-examine this process.”
  • “My company’s process was completely remote before COVID, so we were already set!”
  • “I’m on 5 job search sites since layoff 11/20, applied to upwards of 50 jobs, no contact info, few calls, one video interview, NO direct contact is being considered at this time. Frustrating because I can’t reach out and speak or visit with anyone. I’ve got mad customer service, technical and business skills and I can’t show that because I can’t go in for an interview or even contact the person hiring. AND the state has yet to pay one dime of unemployment from early November filing!”
  • “We screen candidates with a phone or video interview, then conduct an in-person interview with PPE. It’s different and a little cumbersome but overall manageable.”
  • “I’ve had a few interviews but they both just ghosted me.”
  • “Folks around here are business-as-usual for interviews.”
  • “Since everyone is still working remotely anyway, it makes sense to only hire someone who can make it through the technical difficulties of remote interviews. If someone can’t follow simple instructions to log into our video meeting, I already know they couldn’t hack it during work-from-home.”

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