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Poll: How Do You Prep For Your Next Workday?

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Is There a “Next Workday” If You Never Stop Working?

Last month we discussed how to prepare for your next workday so we were curious to hear about your preferred preparation routine. We had a solid turnout of 12,165 votes this month!

Most folks (44%) identified with, “Workdays end?? I’m never unplugged.” While the phrasing of that answer was intended to be funny, the answer is no joking matter. Workdays do need to end so you can relax, recharge and have a life. If you (or your manager) are worried that not working all the time will make you “lazy,” keep in mind that quality breaks actually help increase productivity overall. Developing an end-of-day routine that includes planning for the next day can help you maintain your work-life balance.

About a third (33%) said you preferred to review your calendars before ending their day. Another 13% liked to discuss priorities with their colleagues while another 10% rely on to-do lists. Fewer than 1% have the time to watch the clock before leaving.

Here are the full results:

How do you prep for your next workday?

  • Workdays end?? I’m never unplugged (44%, 5,331 Votes)
  • I review my calendar (33%, 3,954 Votes)
  • I discuss priorities with my colleagues (13%, 1,543 Votes)
  • I make a to-do list (10%, 1,246 Votes)
  • I watch the clock (1%, 91 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “Reviewing the calendar certainly factors in, but the most important is discussing tomorrow’s priorities with the team; so that work hopefully has a smooth startup the next day (even if I’m somehow lucky enough to get run over by a bus). A to-do list should be an ever evolving list, not something that is remade every day. I do watch the clock, but only in regards to meeting appointments and making sure my team is back in the office at end of business to avoid costly overtime. For sanity’s sake, and any meaningful personal life, you’ve got to detach – at least to some level – every day at the end of the work day.”
  • “None of the above. As a tech, my day semi plans itself. I take one call at a time, I do everything I can to ensure it is fixed and replace any parts that are overdue. It’s not that hard: get call, go to client, resolve issue, take care of maintenance, check in with client, move on to next call. Giving each call my undivided attention will result in an easy day.”
  • “I make lists and discuss priorities/challenges in the organization and in the customer base to address the following business day.”
  • “I build a to-do list on lease expirations, customer service items and who I need to contact.”
  • “Jack Daniel’s”
  • “I actually do most of what the list asks. Review the calendar to make sure I am not forgetting appointments, make a to-do list for next day, discuss priorities colleagues… And maybe a little clock-watching with it being spring and sunlight left in day. Phone stays with me always so always accessible.”
  • “I’m old school, I use a to-do list.”
  • “It’s important for me to formulate a plan for the next day so I can then get it off my mind and sleep like a normal person.”
  • “You have to find a work-life-balance.  If you don’t unplug, you’re not 100%.  Review your calendar on Sunday for a few moments for the upcoming week. Do the same at the end of each day for the upcoming day.”
  • “Review calendar and make or update my To-Do List.”
  • “I mostly rely on my calendar; written lists rarely make it through the day. I also use the Task feature on my calendar to set priorities. I use reminders, follow-up flags and category colors to highlight and sort my work. Flexibility is key to my position so I’m often ‘reshuffling the deck’ – sometimes every hour! Each day is new and I like to stay positive as that reflects onto others!”

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