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Poll: Are You Optimistic About 2020?

Most Are Mildly Optimistic About 2020

Last month we asked whether you thought you’d meet your Q4 goals for 2019. A good portion of our readers said they were pushing hard to catch up or that it was too close to call. So as we open the new year, we were curious to hear whether you were more optimistic about 2020 in terms of your earning potential. We had a solid turnout of 9,743 votes!

Most of you (43%) thought that things will likely stay the same. However, another 42% we optimistic (22%) or very optimistic (20%) about their chances in 2020. The remaining 15% were pessimistic (9%) or very pessimistic (6%) about their earnings in the coming year. In particular, we heard from a number of technicians who are seeing their service departments being left behind, monetarily. As we’ve been saying for years, skilled technicians are in short supply – they will leave without improved compensation.

Here are the full results:

How optimistic are you about your 2020 earning potential?

  • Things will likely stay the same. (43%, 4,164 Votes)
  • Optimistic, good things are coming my way. (22%, 2,131 Votes)
  • Very optimistic, the future is bright! (20%, 1,931 Votes)
  • Pessimistic, I see tough times ahead. (9%, 875 Votes)
  • Very pessimistic, I’m doomed! (7%, 642 Votes)
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Some comments from y’all:

  • “2019 was a good year, Technician service bonuses $200-$350 every month, looking forward to 2020.”
  • “The owner tends to waste a ton of cash on sales management.  They (sales management) are allowed to fly anywhere, rent high end sports cars, set up an office where there kids live, and generally spend everything “service” saves.  They are about to lose the best parts of their service staff due to no raises in 5 years…”
  • “I expect the typical 2 to 3 percent raise.”
  • “My independent dealer was bought this year by an OEM, that isn’t what I wanted when I left an OEM less than 2 years ago. It’s gonna be all about the numbers and the profits to whether I get a raise for doing 4+ out of 5 job on my review. I will be just a cog again not an individual. May need to change jobs again to escape the 1-3% raise because you-were-here-and-we-made-some-profit-go-round. Indeed, here comes my resume… again.”
  • “Unfortunately after 8 years of unlimited overtime and ability to work extra to get ahead, overtime has been cut down to zero. Most are picking up side jobs driving Uber and seasonal employment. The fact that raises here have been stagnant for 15 plus years, I don’t see it getting better. I started working in the industry in November of 1978 and these last few years have been the worst.”

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