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Copier Careers Delays 2020 Salary Surveys

How Coronavirus Affects Our 2020 Salary Surveys

Since 2001, Copier Careers has published annual salary surveys for Copier Channel professionals. These surveys have been published in the wake of 9/11, throughout the Great Recession and the following economic recovery. Years affected by regional natural disasters, national scandals and industry shakeups have still seen our salary surveys released.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting us with unprecedented economic upheaval on a global scale. We know we will get through this but we don’t know what things will look like on the other side.

This crisis is causing all businesses to pivot and adjust to the situation, pitching in where they can. Already the Copier Channel has been trusted to help during the crisis from supporting remote work, to keeping essential offices running, to developing COVID-19 tests, to manufacturing medical supplies.

The pandemic and global bootstrapping in response has fundamentally changed the 2020 business landscape. We’ve been collecting our salary data for each of the 2020 surveys since our 2019 surveys were published in June, July, August and December. However, the data collected before March comes from a completely different economic context than what we’re seeing today. Furthermore, any analysis offered right now won’t have much bearing on the industry that emerges when this is over.

For this reason, Copier Careers will be delaying the publication of our annual salary surveys this year. We are still collecting data, still working with our clients and candidates, still talking to industry professionals about their experiences during this crisis. We will be better able to offer useful, big-picture industry analysis in the new context when the pandemic has passed. Until then, visit our News & Resources page and keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters for industry updates, COVID-19 news and careers advice.

From all of us here at Copier Careers, we hope you all are staying safe and hopeful – we’re all in this together!